China Social Media tools 2.0, QQ



The great firewall of China; it is more of a nuisance than anything else and its not there to slow down the Mongolian empire this time, but to hinder the ability of you and I to do business and transfer information freely between one another. Things have gotten a lot better as far as internet freedom goes since my first trip to China back in 2007, at that time there were restrictions on Wikipedia, Yahoo etc.. with a tightly controlled flow of foreign mass media coming into the mainland. Now you can gain access to almost any news story (as long as it does not have to do with particular Chinese interests like Hong Kong), but it can be almost impossible to transfer files via email that are larger than 10MB, get over 50MB, forget about it. For some time cloud sharing services like dropbox were the answer, but bid adieu to that one, our company invested quite a bit to get a drop box account set up only to have it drop kicked by the PRC regulators.


In steps another essential social media business tool, the old faithful penguin, the first popular social media app in China named QQ. For daily social media communication, wechat has now become the dominant daily tweeter, but for data file transfer, QQ is the boss. The statistics may be skewed a bit showing QQ with slightly more users than Wechat, but that’s really only because it has been around for so long and used to be the only social media app available. QQ allows you to send files of any size at speeds comparable to what we get here in the United States, the caveat is that the government of China can have direct access to the information being transferred on the application, but hey, at least there’s a way to get business done.


QQ, like wechat also has an English version so there is no need to worry about language barriers when setting up the app and it is more of a desktop app than a cell phone one. Now that you have wechat and QQ, you’re ready to get that contact and send them a contract, good luck on your next business adventure!



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