Back to Bogle Basics, The argument for and against inflation

  Inflation. It is the backbone of nearly every long-term value investment philosopher from Buffett to John Bogle. John Bogle, the famed ex CEO of Vanguard and creator of the modern day index fund was particularly passionate about the subject and covered inflation extensively in many of his writings. He likened inflation to a galloping … More Back to Bogle Basics, The argument for and against inflation

State of the banks

  Recent news post Brexit have left the world wondering, what is the state of the world banking systems, which banks have the strongest balance sheets and which ones are the greatest risk for a breakdown in the EU banking system. First and foremost the immediate reaction in the markets was downward pressure on nearly … More State of the banks

Nanjing and the Ming

  Many individuals travel to China to see two cities, Beijing and Shanghai. Beijing for the Ming — Qing dynasty history and Shanghai for the cosmopolitan atmosphere and skyscrapers. They are all truly missing out on the historical gem of China, Nanjing. Nanjing is about 1.5 hours by train west of Shanghai and has some … More Nanjing and the Ming